Wednesday, September 19, 2012

At last,4th year

Hi my friends,
How are you doing?  Hope you are ready to be back to the ens?.I think three months of holidays is an error because we are not that kind of people who profit to lean something new and the worst, we often loose what we've learnt before.Well, the most important thing is to study harder this year.It is our last year;so, I wish we could reach a certain level of maturity and knowledge.Leave the ENS by letting a good reputation.

It's time to put the hat of teachers.Myself, sometimes i find that being teacher at the age of 21years old is like a joke.Intellectually, I am not that afraid to face students because i know that i'll do all my best to be loyal and good teacher.But integrating in the domain is not something easy because you have to watch your behavior,clothes and sometimes my age disturb me a lot.I am quiet sure that i'll face students who are approximately my age.It is not that easy hein!!!
In short, as i get used to say.A teacher can dominate his class only by knowledge.So I'll try!!

Concerning students who repeated the year, I let you know that I am so sorry for you and i hope you'll do better this year.

Hope we'll have good teachers, at least they will help because we are really in need.


  1. all right sara. we have to work hard in order to be a good teachers but i think age is not problem the most important thing is wisdom and knowledge , how we can use our wisdom to give the students our knowledge and try the bast ways in order to educate them that life without study cannot be lived. And on the other hand educate them that lying and cheating are unacceptable ways to get ahead in life. we should try all the ways in order to make them intellectually active to develop a functional understanding.
    so sara don't worry about the age , you are able to be a good teacher due to your enough knowledge.

  2. Yeah alright darling ! You know i've attended some classes here in tizi ouzou,it's not that easy for even farmer teachers that's why I am a little bit worry.
    Maybe u do remember when i used to say ,i don't care, i'll not sacrifice all my youth n life for pupils but the more I approach,the more I feel this responsability which i've to assume and especially to accomplish.
    Anyhow, where there's a will,there's a way.