Thursday, May 23, 2013


It's already the end of the year ! At last ! I can't bear this school anymore.Too simply, i can't bear our teacher's unjustice. They think that being university teachers reflect high level but in fact it is not the case. Some of them, i swear to God they can't even construct a sentence in english and make unforgivable errors like saying ( mens and womens ) !! Yeah i do agree that we don't have a level, because of teachers like X !
Adittionally, although we are bad students believe me that we can make the distinction between a good and a bad teacher ! We are all thankful  for those severe teachers all the same and accept any bad comments because they are competent and we do respect them ! Teachers play with marks as they want, i am doubting if they correct and take their time when correcting the papers because there's a big gap betwwen two similar copies !! Sexual perversion is a new phenomena in english department ...if we need marks then we have to sell our bodies !  Yeah unfortunately it's the case !also,Some teachers added points for the beautiful eyes of some students; however , the others struggle to get the average and sometimes their papers are not even corrected as it worth. What i can i wait from teacherswho gave the best marks for some students and this latter said that they were totally out in the exam
  The last terrible thing that happend is that my teacher trainer gave me 10.75 !! she drove me crazy this morning !
All inall , I am not lucky at all !!!!

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