Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's not an easy job at all

After a long reflection, I accepted to study at the ENS unwilligly.It was not really by force but because in Algeria we have to follow the logic and not what we desire. So, as many students, I jumped and stick to this contract putting in my mind that being PEM teacher is not going to be forever but i'll carry on my studies at any price.But, as i see , even gettign magistere in Algeria is not promising.A ? !! a job guarantee ? !! A big question mark !!
Well, now I am working in Rjawna which situated at 2 or 3km from 'Tizi Ville'.It is a new middle school well accomodated.But teaching particularly in this place is a big problem. I don't deny that pupils of this village are calm than those of the downtown but their level is very poor.In addition, most parents are illiterate and don't giuve a damn about their children studies. The worst, reality is that some pupils don't understand with smooth words and beating them is forbbiden .The way teachers used to behave with us and we never complained.But nowdays pupils know their rights but not their duties !! 
I've taken mobilephone from one pupil and his tutor came and told me not to be harsh with him because he is an orphan and his mum let him when he was 3days.Buty for God's sake , Am I obliged to know each pupil's CV ? !! I didn't know that i've to play the role of psychologist !!
I and the math teacher convoked one parent because of his son behavior and careless in the class .She started speaking with the math teacher, after that she told me " how come you want them to learn English if they are not even good in Arabic..." I've got a maniacal laugh !! Indirectly she wanted to make it clear that My language profession is  usless and it will eb better to stay home !!  :p

Also, some pupils let me till the end of the session to say with their irnonic smiles ' Madam, we undesrtood nothing , we don't undesratnd english, you have to explain in French !! '

Goodness! What can I do ? sometimes i feel that i am tiring myself for nothing and if ever i'll do the course in french , the inspector will not fix me !

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