Saturday, February 27, 2010

Iam a new member in this blog.
My name is Wardia .Iam from Chlef.I study English in BTTC.
Now i live in Dely Brahim girl's dorme.It's not so bad to live alone,i mean to be far from my
home.In this few months i learn a lot of things,but the most important thing is that i bacome a
responsible personne.How about you my friends?Can you tell me about you?

Good bay.


  1. Hi,
    Although there is some mistakes in your presentation,but it's ok!
    Just please put a title in order to have a general idea about what did you write before reading!

  2. Chafiaa said,
    Hi naima you know that you are my friend but you did one mistake in your presentation,wich is "hobi" it naver sppeling like is like this"hobby"

  3. hi chafiaa
    you also had some mistakes in your message in (naver and sppeling), the correct spelling is:
    ( never and spelling).
    goodbye my friend.