Monday, November 29, 2010

A letter from to you!!!

November 29 , 2010

228 Street

Ain Bessam Bouira

Dear Kheira :

It is a realy pleasure for me to write this letter for you in which i will describe my daily

life .

First of all , i want to inform you that i am kind girl that lives in a medeteranean country which is Algeria and as you know the Algerians are always funny they like joke but we should mension that they are intellegent as well . I live in small beautiful hous between tender parents an five brothers . Concerning me i am very curious girl who likes to discover all stranger things around her , i am lovely and lively girl whose dreamis is to be a teacher of English at the university and i want to develop my knowlege bit by bit .

yes i believe in this dream and i should not forget my parents efforts to encourage and push me to study by heart in order to realize my aim.

I like jokes and in order to make people laughing i used to make foolish gestures with my body and producing differents sounds with my voice , my secret is to put my two fingers in my nose and start singing in English , therefore i creat funny wether.

Finally , i would like to tell you how much i am happy to have freind like you .

Reguard ,


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  1. Contrary to me,I'm not happy to have you as friend because you are bothering girl and you contamined me!!!!lol
    (I'm just kidding).I like really your humour sense.At least,you,you are a little bit extroverted.