Friday, November 12, 2010

My point of view about the 2nd year.

My first year was not rewarding year at all in many modules even if they are secondary modules.On the whole,our second year teachers are good.We have Ms Salhi and Ms Dridi who were a strong influence on me during the first year.The first,for her intellectual and professional career.And the second,by love for her job and her personal modesty.So,with pleasure to have them as teachers in the whole formation.Concerning the new teachers in the other modules,we have Mr El djadji who is listening/speaking teacher.He is so good that I can`t wait for his class when it comes.In addition,Ms Houari who is grammar teacher,is good too.But unfortunately,I used to feel bored during civilization and linguistic classes.For the first module(civilisation),not only I hate history,but I also used to get really bored because the teacher used to explain the courrse in Arabic then,I get lost.For the second one(linguistic),I can just say,I don`t like her way of teaching.
Finally,it comes the both arabic modules which I hate too much.Even,I still don`t understand what`s the purpose of studying it.I can`t complain about the teachers because I really have a gap in understanding Arabic and I admit that.
As a conclusion,we have to profit as much as we can this year because on a whole we have good teachers.


  1. So i think that you are right anyway myself I have a strong wish that Ms Salhi will take us in all the english modules because i ador her way of teaching i swear ;i decided to be like her in the future in some points.

  2. Don't be selfish Ahlem.In this case,she have to abandon many groups to focus on us.It is a little bit unfair.At least,like this,many students profit of the knowledge she transmits us.
    The most important thing is that she teaches us the most important module.At least,when we'll be teachers,we'll have some luggage to face our students.Otherwise,I could say,go to hell for this school.