Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back To Hell Soon

Hi my friends,
How are you doing?Hope you are ready to back to hell.I mean the ENS!
I really miss you my friends especially you mad girl Hanaa!!Without forgetting you Zahraa,Chafiaa,Houda...etc.But it stills just three weeks to see each other.
In one hand,I am jubilant that at last I am in 3rd year and still just two years to end and get my diploma.Then,I`ll probably focus on taking my master degree if possible or maybe travel abroad..I still dunno.But in the other hand,I am not ready to back to this hell.I can`t bear anymore life in the dorm,stress and nerves that I am living at the ENS.
In a nutshell,I hope that my 3rd year will be much better in terms of studies and behavior.Also my best and only wish is Ms Salhi and Mr El Djadji follow us this year and during the whole formation.They are best teachers that I`ve never had and I`ll regret them in my whole life.
Best of wishes my friends.
Take good care of yourselves and see you soon.

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