Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bomb Attack in Tizi Ouzou

Where are you dear president? Kabylia is in the red zone and you didn`t move your do something!! twenty hours aftermath the bomb,a new collision took place always in Tizi Ouzou in small village called Maâtkas.And the worst,the Algerian channel ENTV covered the sun with a sieve as all thing is good while kabylia is living once again fear.


  1. Dear think that you will find an answer to your call....I don't think so ....your voice in Algeria doesn't answer only echo ....every day we listen that there is a Bomb in what place ..may be kills a lot of citizens but no one moves one listens to our voices one pays an attention to us ......for me it is the death is the end....Allah with us ...

  2. ENTV as usual .it doesn't give the reality as it we know that ENTV is national channel belonging to the governement it cannot work away from political and party dependency ....because between brackets they will cut off its tongue.... so don't worry darling

  3. Sorry but if this bomb took place in the capital algiers,I am sure that they will add more police and security by showing that in their Algerian channel but as this catastrophe touched kabylia,they don't care,they cover the sun with a sieve.
    Anyway,hope that our small president will wake up from his coma and do something before it's gonna be late!!!