Thursday, February 16, 2012

The exams and my stupidity

When I saw the subject of linguistic I tought that I've never studied this module before.It looked like a chinoiserie way of asking the question eventhough I was never obliged to revise and learn the handouts by root because the way of explanation of the teacher in the class was enough to get the least detail.
I sticked to the word Fishman and say ;well ,I don't know what this person have done which means that I am really out and can not write an essay.However,if I tried just to put attention and understand the second part of the question,I could be able to know what is the appropriate answer which includes the majority sub-titles of the handouts but this damned  Fishman who I don't know what he has done pushes me to give up!
But I am not that out because some thought that Fishman is a fisher!hahaha.Just for this reason I swallowed my tears and got a maniacal laugh and I was somehow happy because I was not the one who didn't work and I am not that out!.
However,in peda trends and psychology,the teacher is almost like the linguistic teacher.It was never complicated to get the course because of his good method.Also,the questions are quiet clear.But how it comes to say write an essay which includes introduction,body and conclusion and then I was told that I have to make criticism after answering the question.Well,if it is the case,it is no longer an essay but a dissertation.The question has to be clear and precise to give precise answers.
 They are too good and competent teachers But  a chinoiserie way of asking the questions which sacks the students.

Communication was not that bad as the both modules I have quoted in the top.Normally,it is the module in which students might get the average because the questions were quiet easy.
Writing module was quiet easy as well in terms of the topic.Generally when we tell us to write about whatever we want and about things in which we are familiar,it helps us to express our ideas in a good manner.

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