Thursday, March 1, 2012


I've never seen in my whole life such a college as ours full of injustice.Firstly,students are considered as rags who have to follow norms good they are or not.Because of this contract,students have not the right to complain as if we have made a favor to enter the ENS.That's really unbearable.
The worst,some classes never studied writing since their first year in college.Now,as third year students,they were judged for their writing skills as if they dealt with the module.The result:catastrophik marks in which the teacher was supposed to expect rather than being astonished!!!!Also,some teachers I swear that they are acting journalists in the class.The only thing they do is to read for us the handouts that's all and in the exams we were asked a chinoiserie questions and expected  good answers.For God's sake what is this is!
The real problem is when we have done the correction.For example,in communication,not only chinoiserie questions,but unconvinced answers.
Dear teachers,
I know that our level is so weak.But sometimes as teachers you have to worry when the whole class get lousy grades.You have to ask the question for yourselves: are we good teachers ? Are we communicating well  as teachers and doing our job properly ?
Teach us as it worth,use good methods to transmit the knowledge,then I'll be agree for hard exams(not for unclear questions in which the answers are unconvinced).I am quiet sure that at least the good students will be able to answer for some questions and get the average.Why are you sacking us ? that's nonsense!
If I take my group,I agree to be judged for our writing skills because we have dealt with the module as it worth;so,some mistakes might be unforgivable.But,the other group has to be taken into consideration in all the modules.They didn't study writing.It is not their fault at all. They have to be considered as beginners.
Be logic please! You know I dare say even if  you wash us with a bleach, we will not be able to be brilliant.I will not say it is too late but it is going to take too much time for a good result.That is the same for studies.You can never expect from us high level if you do not feed us from your knowledge.That's obvious isn't it ?

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