Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fed up!

It was my first exam today during the 2nd semester.It was horribly horrible!I can assure more than ever that i've never seen such a college like the ENS.Firsly we spent 20minutes to go to the room and distribute to us  exam papers and the subject.The task was about making a lesson plan either about grammar , listening/speaking or read/writing.The teacher said that we can do either writing or reading separately it is up to us! Thirty minutes left she changed her mind.what a bizarre teacher! I tought that I was dreaming really.I couldn't believe that! and she added if you do the task separately you assume it!! The worst, due to her behavior and her blah blah  which deconcentrate us during the whole exam and some silly questions by the students pushed one student(girl) to complain and say we can not concentrate.As the teacher felt fixed by her complaining she created a havoc in the class,walking between the rows and  talking about that girl as if she made a crime!So, instead of working we were concentrating on her speech and attitudes.She even dared to balance the word 'salope' and treat her as bad mannered girl.
That's too unfortunate.Students have no right to complain in this damned school.No one is there to hear you!She didn't only disturb us during the exam but even she wanted to sack us by changing her mind after 1h30 of examination.
Anyhow,in such kind of situations,the marks never reflect the student level.We were disturb!!There's no atmosphere of examination at all.In addition,if her aim is to sack us, she can do it! Hope that we'll not see or meet her again that's all  because she is even unfair! When she added the extra points in the 1er semester(read exam) she was unfair.She did it as if according to your degree of beauty or something like that!For studdents who have got zero it's ok!But for the others how comes you add 3extra points for someone while the other you add him only 2 or 1? For God's sake how do you assess ? At a certain moment I get used to bear her all the same but now I vomit her!!!!

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