Sunday, July 22, 2012

My holidays

Hi my friends,
My holidays are horribly horrible.I've spent the majority of time at home.It's so annoying.I went many times to the beach then I was fed up.I've burnt my back and i feel an ache in all my body due to the sun exposure.Moreover, there are not a lot of weddings to attend as I get used to because of Ramadane which takes place in summer.But it is not that bad because there are great parties during this month after the festival which took place in Djemaa Saharidj (T.ouzou) where they brought foreigns from France, Spain,Germany..etc.Some were singers, and others were drowners..etc and they exposed their arts.At night during weekends, they organised big parties where  they sang as well as our Algeria singers came too.Now, i am just waiting my visa.Normally, there's no reason to reject my demand but most of time is a matter of chance !I am too worried !!!!!!!
What about you my friends ? how are your holidays ?.Hope i'll read you soon.xoxoxo

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