Saturday, July 7, 2012

One, two, three où va l'Algérie!

Fraud, corruption,and the worst a rotten educational system in Algeria.Benbouzid is the eternal minister of the national disaster.We have the impresison that he is ten times better than a French minister, this last who has changed ten times during the existence of Mr Benbouzid.His reforms are catastrophic, the annual programm in all the subjects are overloaded and useless.Another issue is the teachers especially university teachers.I witnessed a real injustice of Tamazight teacher in Hasnaoua university.It is about a Tamazight student in relation with an immigrant.As they broke up, this guy begged the teacher to give her eliminatory mark in order to make her repeat the year.He obviously accepted because when this teacher wants to france , he is accomodated usually by this guy.The result, this poor girl repeated the year due to this damned teacher.Another story happened in Bastos university ( always in T.ouzou) , One teacher who teaches electronic asked the english teacher of the same group to give a difficult subject in order to get lousy grades and not conpensate his module.Therefore, the english teacher gave a hard exam as the electronic teacher suggested and when it comes the correction, she didn't correct,she gave marks from 15 to 19/20 and let the other teacher as a rabid dog.In addition,happy are some teachers(male) when their students(female)are weak by using blackmail to help them,having sexual relation in order to get the year.This crime is happening in almost all the universities.Indeed,the same strategy is used  to get master and other good status in other domains as well.An evidence in Bouzareah faculty, Mr x who is wroking in French departement asked one girl to give her all the modules where she didn't work in order to make-up them to get the year. For God's sake where Algeria is going ? .Why do we encourage prostitution?,Why do we accept to do things heartlessly for things we may get easily ?
I don't mind others life.I would like only to see people doing things consciously.They do them without any premeditation.


  1. hi sara I thank you a lot about this article which really touches a dangerous phenomena in universities but I think that the problem is not just the corruption of higher education per se, as it exists everywhere and you cannot eradicate it ever . i've written an article takes the corruption in higher education as similar as you have dealt with..i'll post it soon it ..Regards!

  2. Hi hun, it's always a pleasure to read you.Alright, it is a big issue.But unlike other fields, we can avoid it in education by being loyal teachers,headmasters and so on instead of encouraging prostituion and corruption as well.Universities became brothels what a shame !!!
    I do undestand men who are satyriasis as well as women who are nymphonia.I mean this is a sickness among others.But unfortunately, in Algeria 'NORMAL' as we get used to say and to hear !we continue then to mix things...