Monday, December 24, 2012

French lge, an illness for Algerians

French lge is considered as the 2nd lge after our mother tongue in Algeria.Sometimes, it is the lge in which most people communicate and feel comfortable with especially in the capital of Algiers and Tizi ouzou.These places where we underestimate people having lack in french and do not speak it at all without paying attention to the other capacities they do have.
Lucky teachers, who teaches this lge in some parts of Algeria because students  use it  in their daily lives and do not have hang-ups in oral communication.
I felt disappointed when I went to my training in Oued Romane.First of all, the school looks like garbage dump.It was too dirty.Secondly, I nearly clash with the headmaster because of his prejudice about my clothes as if i went with a bikini or that kind of clothes.Sooner I noticed that I shouldn't envy him.I dare say almost all of them were wearing islamic clothes except one French teacher ; pretty good woman who dresses respectfully as I've done but I  seemed too young with my blue jean and my grey waistcoat !But there are thousands ways of saying things because an intellectual man saying 'Satri Rohek' for her trainer is not acceptable.
The worst of all that is inside the classroom.Well, I approve the good  level of the teacher.Still young and full of energy.But all the trainees have met the same issue which is the non communication between the students and the teacher in English.In 2nd Am class, the teacher has done the genetive case and asked the students to check their understanding about the apostophe S and the apostrophe.Two students rised their hands and gave the answer in french which was totally correct and then said: 'that's good ' and forgetting about the others who didn't understand a word.Poor pupils! they were only seeing their two camarades and teacher's mouth moving.Indeed, I was speechless too! In addition, she never corrects the misspronunciation.

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  1. I remember one year we had an Iranian and a Russian for classmates. The teachers would talk to us for a while in French not giving a hoot about our foreign friends who were too shy or felt too outnumbered to ask for an English translation. So much for stressing the Importance of communication, eh, dear teachers of Didactics and Psycholinguistics ?
    Luckily for our foreign friends, their fellow students were attentive and thoughtful enough to explain what was going on and save face.