Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Damned country

Yesterday, I have got a high body temperature and a fever. My nose was blocked, I couldn’t breath. In addition,my clothes were wet like a flood of water during my sleep. When I woke up in the morning, I felt dizzy till the point I fainted. My faint gave my roommates a fright. They have called the ambulance of the dorm emergency y but It is always the same old story. The ambulance didn’t work !!! Then, after a phone call, my colleague’s friend came by his car  to accompany me to the doctor. Approximately one hour and half, we were looking for a private doctor  in the surroundings  but they were all closed. Yes!! Thurday was a day off because of ‘EL MOULOUD’ .What a fucking country!, all Algeria stops working even the sector of health; they wait impatiently this kind of moment! As I’ve got no choice, I went to the clinic of Beni Mesous. Goodness! Sooner  I forgot that I went there to treat when I saw the huge number of patients suffering from different diseases waiting their turns in vain.The worst, at  lunch time, both receptionists  went for eating  without any replacement. Suddenly I told to myself: ‘sometimes, I need to be shocked like now  to stop sniveling. ‘I really wanted to wait there just to insult them before I go back but unfortunately  I felt a terrible ache which pushed me to leave this clinic immediately and join the clinic of Dely Brahim. Luckily, I didn’t find a lot of people waiting;so,rapidly it was my turn to enter. But what a stupid doctor! it was the first time in my whole life that a doctor passed me the visit on my clothes and without looking if my blood pressure and my temperature  are OK or not. At my exit to look for a pharmacy to buy the medicaments,I found them all close too till I went to Ben aknoun where one pharmacy was open and one antibiotic was missing! Anyhow, this is Algeria ! This is our damned country ! Even with your money you can’t pass!


  1. Dear Sarah,

    just thinking about what you've gone through with those frankensteins prompts me to never go to hospitals. Thanks God you had only fever, because I know some one who has cancer and you can't even imagine the way they are treated with. What you have seen is nothing comparing to what they are enduring daily. one thing is sure is that this country is really "Damned".

  2. Indeed, this is Algeria! we get used to see worst than this as u've said. But plz, could u tell me who you're under this anonymous name?.lol
    Anyhow, thx for ur comment. kiss