Friday, March 15, 2013

Dear Teachers

' You don't have level, your english is not even english, you don't deserve to pass the year ......' that's the same song I am hearing from the beginning of the year. Ok I wanna just ask you some questions, as we don't have any level, why are we in the 4th year then ? don't you think it's your fault to make us passing the year ? .And do you know that to get a level you've to sacrifice, to feed us from your knowledge,.How come to say we do'nt have any level if you don't make any efforts to teach us and just throwing for us handouts or just start talking from the beginning of the session till the end as if you've memorized these courses !! Dear teachers, be logic !As Ms Kebaili says: There's no bad student, there's only bad teachers and inspectors' I do agree because if we are weak, it's your fault. As the proverb says: 'there's no smoke without fire'

It's for the first time i give up and don't care if I pass or repeat the year.I am just fed up from your daily speech and your non-conscious of doing your work properly.The marks are catastrophic for the big majority of the students. Most of you didn't make correction.Though most of the exams were essays, we need a model.How can we improve in the 2nd semester if we don't know how do you assess.In addition, I swear that some answers are identical between some students but someone got the full mark and the other got zero or the half mark.It was my case too.When we start complaining, you become angry and forbid us to compare the copies! What odd teachers you are!!!Unfortunately, altough these things hurt me, I can say nothing because in this school 'tu parles tu meurs,!'. You don't accept any comment, any opinion, any idea. Indeed, arrogance is your big problem.However a good teacher is the one who breaks the barrier between his students and he is all ears and never plays with marks because of just a misunderstanding with students as it was the case with 'Ms Salhi',and is the case with 'Ms Kebaili'.
Unfortunately, english department lacks competent teachers.Some of them are totally out in the module.Their sessions are just relief for us to continue sleeping or dreaming.And in the other modules, it's just session of reading'.In a few modules, we leave the class with some ideas in the brain.
I am wondering too how come you say PES students are better and this group have never studied writing till the last year; whereas, for our group  we have got a good basic in writing. I can't believe it.It's just abnormal !
I do remember one thing  said by Ms Salhi at the end of the 2nd year. She told me:" either your level ameliorates or stagnates". She meant I should never say my english is OK, I need practice every time.It's just too late that I remembered her advice.It's just till my level is down and start to loose my english. So, I think my bad marks and some of my friends marks are a little bit because of this. I made only slight mistakes but they are unforgivable.We're no longer hard workers as we were .But I think it's normal because personally, when i see just some of my teachers posture, I feel asleep and fatigue.


  1. Dear Sarah
    Don't worry sister.Actually it's not only the case of ENSB,I can ensure you right now that it's the case all over Algeria's universities and colleges particularly when it comes to the so-called the Higher Colleges of Teachers.What I can add to your talk is only that we have got to look and strive for our own perfection and not to wait this or that dammned teacher feel proud over us with no clear and logical reason,and as the proverb says who doesn't have something can never give it back.And yet nothing to be add except good wishes for you all.
    Nothing comes easy,it is only by goign through tears and pain.
    By the way i forgot to introduce my self to you Iam Mohamed , a 3rd year student.

  2. Hi Mohammed,
    Nice to read you ..from your short comment i could notice that you've got a good writing style and i'm really happy to know that we have good talented student in this school especially these new promotions who are better than us..