Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ellezza:cream based of slaver of snail

Ellezza is a cosmetic product based of slaver of snail.Ellezza is a natural cream which contents 86 % of extract of snail and 14 % of cream of base or excipients.
The cream Ellezza used by all people and has a miraculous effect to treat the acne, the stretch marks, the blackheads and also scars.We use it twice times:in the morning and in the evening.On two minutes,it absorbs the product.So,wa can apply our make up without any worry!Elezza changed life of many people who was living the hell due to many reasons such as scars and so on.If you want to try it,command it via internet for not being victim of the imitation which is disponible on the market.It is true that it costs too much exactly 80euro for a very small limp but it is worth to try it.Myself I am witness of this miraculous cream to treat the acne problems and a small scar at the neck and it works.The only thing that I can say I love Elezza!!


  1. Remark:in the picture as you see it is special eye contour cream.It costs 19euro.It is diffirent than the cream that I am talking about in the paragraph but I went just to show you how and what is the colour of the limp because they are the same.
    (I didn't find the ideal picture that I wanna show you.Sorry for that but promise I'll look for it).

  2. I like this product !