Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Will you believe me if i tell you that i miss study ? I think not .
So this year seems more severe than the last one , we have to work day and night without a holiday with that it is not enough this is not ?
In my opinion in this world there is nothing more precious than study ; especially for girls .I wish all best for you my freinds .


  1. Stop making us afraid!
    As a matter of fact,I am happy on just one side which is years are going so fast but I can`t be arsed to retake studies.
    You already start studying I guess.Myself.I am coming next sunday because I don`t wanna miss the final of secret story on friday!lol
    I wish you my friends all the best in your studies.

  2. Myself,I think this year will be less difficult than last year because we have already known how is the system at the ENS and how the exams could be.My only wish is our new teachers are worthy of this name that`s all.