Friday, October 15, 2010


It is five AM and I can`t sleep.Many ideas haunt my nights.I feel a moral rigour.This feeling is worse than a fatal disease.I still don`t know if this feeling is due to the education that my parents gave me which is depending just on itself or I like confuse the issue.I don`t know if it is worth to make too much efforts in this life to reach my aims or confusing the issue is ma nature!And the worst,nothing satisfy me in this life.I complain about all domains,especially professional and affective domains.I`ve just two responses to my case:either I am a demanding nature or it is due to my pride which pushes me to be up to it,or to be superior than the others.I swear that these feelings are worse than a fatal disease.At least any disease has its cure but what I am feeling has any cure.I always demand more than it worth.
The moment that I hate during the day is indeed night.I use to spend all my days laughing anytime as getting plastered,having a promenade between friends...etc.Let`s say I profit as much as I can but once I put my head on my pillow the questionnaire with myself start,then,I lose my sleep!


  1. hello Sara ;
    i think it is a manifest emotions you have when sleeping and whenever we delibrate about hopefull things we target to reach, our drowsy and even relax we are having would go away .why? because we are optimistic and you are so so so optimistic sara.
    your brother amine

  2. Thank's Amine.
    I hope that I could realise my dreams at least I'll not feel I am wasting my time especially make myself harm for nothing.
    Anyway,thank you!!