Friday, April 29, 2011

Dear 3rd group english student

Dear 3rd group english students,
As you see all,the situation began to get worse more and more.Almost all teachers complain about our laziness and the worst of our bad behavior.If I am writing about that because I am concerned too.All began when Ms Salhi made me the remark but I said to myself:"well,it is just a misunderstading" .But When Mr boukenna too made me the remark.I started to think and re-think about that.Why this change for the worst?!!I would like if the remark of these teachers were about lack of work at least there are many pretext to give them!!But change in terms of behavior is the worst!!
I really did not want things took this torment but alas!!Unfortunately,I am not the only one otherwise I could cope with that.Unluckily,There are many students in our group like me,or maybe worst than me.
Dear friends,let's be realistic,we became unbearable which drove our teachers insane and many of them swore that we'll pay it this 2nd semester.Aren't you afraid?Myself,I am because i can't imagine myself repeating the year or some modules just because those teachers wanna botch us by hard exams.Or,having official warning on my file because of our solidarity for such stupid,silly,and unconcious things such as collectif absences. Anyway,these teachers are right.Either we change our behavior which is unacceptable,or leave this school if we see we can't follow the regislation!To remember you,it stills just one month of work that's all;so,the ball is in our camp.


  1. all right sara, we have to adjust our behavior as possible as we can and we have to think and rethink our acrobatics deeds, we have really move away from such childish behavior and we must just concontrate in our study at least to have year ...

  2. We have to put ourselves in the shoes of these teachers to understand why they acting Itlére with us!!Getting our years is not such a hard thing if we start to change our attitudes first