Saturday, April 30, 2011

Forcast of Libiru

In the nineteenth century ,Mugo Libiru ,a famous prophet of the KiKUYU tribe, foretold that a fig tree at THIKA ;twenty -six miles north of NAIROUBI,would wither and die on the day Kenya gained independence,Kibiru also prophesied that Kenya would become a white man'scolony ,but that one day the white man would return the land to the land to the africans .He forsaw the coming of the railway which he described as "an iron snake whith many legs"like an earthworm .Kibiru'sprophecies proved to be so accurate that for many years the tree at Thika was regarded as sacred.Even the white men took the prophecy seriously,for they built the tree up with earth and put a concrete wall around it so that it would not fall.These measures were domed to fail.Shortly before Kenya gained independence ,the tree was struck by lightning and began to witer rapidly .By the day Kenya officially became independent ,it had decayed completely ,fulfilling the pro-phecy made over seventy years before by KIBIRU.

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