Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What a difficult life surrounded me!

Do you see this lady?Do you see me ?.Well,me,who always appear an energetic lady.Me,who,drives many teachers insane because of my maniacal laugh during courses feel so depressed inside me.
It is 2:00 am and I can not sleep as I am suffering from insomnia.I feel such a fear inside me.I've the impression I am surrounded by monsters not human beings.As long as I don't give a hand for people I can not expect they'll help me one day but at least they go away from me.But the worst,I help people with all what I can such as money,clothes..etc,and the fruit of my efforts is to receive things which hurts me in deep of my heart.
I arrived to a point I talk to people briefly because I use as much possible as I can to avoid them and be compendious.As the frensh proverb says:"Qui risque rien n'a rien".So,I avoid as much possible as I can conflits and misunderstanding with people by fleeing them.

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