Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New year resolutions

New year resolutions are things that human beings look for before the coming new year for better changement.They do the list of all things that they want to change and apply it the 1st day of the new year.It is like a greeting and saying Hello for my new lifestyle or Hello for better life.

Goals differ from one person to another.Each one has its proper new year's resolutions.For instance,smokers decide to quit smoking or students decide to read a book per month(even if it is not the case)...etc.

My new year resolutions for this year 2012 are:study harder,be regular reader,keep my hair on(be calm and do not get angry for silly things that doesn't worth),break any link with my ex boyfriend.

What about you my friends? Have you made any new year resolutions ?


  1. Hello,I'm Sabrina,19 years old ,Im an English student at the 1st year,so i would like to be as contributor in this blog if possible.

  2. Hi my roommate ..happy to read you.I hope that you like the blog..well,I will see if there is any possibility to join us and be contributor in this blog..but you have to be an active member ok Bina!!You gonna benefit a lot!
    lots of love

  3. Hi Sara,
    Thank you for sharing with me your reflections and thoughts.I have just opened a blog though I am not really blog user.You can read me as usual in lexode.There's always updates and new poems.

    Well,my new year resolutions for 2012:meeting you and have a blast XD,quet smoking as well and perform my english speech and writing which is much better thanks to you.

  4. Come on lady!I am not that good.Even me,I learnt a lot from you.I dunno if my classmates are lexode users.Anyway,this is my pseudo; algerienne16.I have posted my new poems.Take a glance if you are frensh speakers.
    Well, hun,If things go as planned,I`ll come in August.Keep your fingers crossed for me to get my year normally and especially things won`t go wrong and bad surprises like last summer.
    Wish u all the best for this new year.