Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy new year

How are you doing ?
I wish happy new year 2012 for people in all over the world.Hope it will be carrier of love,enjoyment , prosperity and especially perfect health.
I would like to wish for every teacher for this year a perfect health before anything else.In addition,I wish them luck in their job in  which I guess they're most in need.After all,altough it is noble job it is also double job for them.So,courage,courage and then  courage!!
As for you my friends,I wish you success in your studies which is primary,health as well and all best things that you seek and you too much deserve.
As for couples ,I wish them lot of joy,love,affection and I advise them to  live life of the fullest.Hope that this year is theirs to profit as much possible as you can.I praise God in all difficulties they may cross and that hapiness will be their ally.
For sick people who have got dangerous diseases, I wish them good recovery. Anyway,this is life;so,keep hope.None is shealter of diseases.Be strong enough to overcome your illness and lead life as normal people.

Well,it is six pm,I am going to spend new year's Eve in my grandma's house who is living not far from us. We gather together with all my grand family: uncles,aunts;cousins and a few friends to the family.I've kept a glance at five pm to see if my grandma needs nothing and I found that guys who are preparing dinner.They have already prepared tables in the garage and they were dealing with the family dinner which takes time at eight o'clock and includes seafood,to end the party with a log and any kind of candies,beverages and pancackes.

Each member of the family tries to start this year 2012 with a smile even if it is so hard after ending the year  2011 with such sadness and fear because of my relative deaths which were one after another in short tim.Deaths which are not digestible at all.

Anyway ; I wish all the best and much better year for all my family.

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  1. well Sara ......happy new year to you and every body ..I hope this year brings peace happiness I wish everyone the strengh to get through any problems they may have..... Let’s be positive this year helpful........thx Sara for this great words i wish the same for you darling.......LOVE YOU