Sunday, March 18, 2012


Mama, please, don’t envy me for my choice
He`s my oxygen, the man I love.
There`s no reason to reject him, trust me
Stop saying it is either him or your mummy!

I am old enough to look after myself.
Being a future teacher is a choice you`ve made yourself.
Although no illness, no surgery, I feel an ache.
Stop your nonessential arguing, for God`s sake!

I know that you seek your daughter all the best
But you`ve to know I am not like all the rest.
Whether he`s an alcoholic or a beggar,
In my eyes,he is a leader.
Stop your pride and prejudices
It is not about Jane Austen movies.
It is rather about your lady destiny and choices.

Written by Sara Hamitouche.

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