Monday, March 26, 2012

Slaughter in Toulouse ( France)

The killer of Toulouse is named Mohamed Merat aged 24years old.. He is a moslem algerian man who was living alone is a small aparrtment in Toulouse after a sad love story.This killer killed three soldiers and four Jewish people were murdered at Jewish school in France in the name of al-Qaida .Claude Guéant who is a French politician said that this gunman wanted to take a revenge for Palestian kids.In addition,he was described as calm and kind man by people who have already known him. Moreover,his friend assured and mainted that he wanted with him to night-club with him the previous week.Mohamed Merah,fallen under the balls from the raid after mroe than 32hours seat,died yesterday in Toulouse as he lived the last days of his life in an outburst of violence.
I am so upset that this gunman is an Algerian more than he is a moslem because he belongs to my country.The worst,many moslems agree with his slaughter.As my classmate said that he was a hero, and as a moslem  he did well when he murdered these jews to express his love towars palestinian people ".Who knows maybe some others also dare say his place is in heaven because he is considered as martyr.

Oh,my God come on!! I thought that islam is  a religion of peace not of terrorism.Is there any islam verset which really encourages that act ?
Please  dude Zahraa if ever you read my post because  you are the only one who visist this blog, I am waiting this verset if it exists in which islam encourages this act.


  1. hello sara!
    you have to be proud of Muhammad Merah is Algerian ..i'm sorry lady I go against your point of view of what Muhammad did... and what France said about his deeds before and he belonged to al-Qaeda" is Just brainwashed ...yep I know that Islam has forbidden killing self but still now we don't know why Muhammad killed frensh soldiers but he killed jewish people in order to be avenging Palestinian deaths...but look Sara before you judge you have to take all data...neither you nor France can say that he is terrorist ..

  2. to be proud ? come on! I understand from your speech that he did well when he murdered these jews?Moslems believe that he did well as your view. The only error he had done is when he killed these french people.But plz be logic!!Jews are human beings aren't they ?
    Sorry but I can't be proud of someone who is killer.And the worst, where there's havoc,there's an arab or a moslem behind!!Eventhough he didn't belong to El qaida as you said,he was a killer. It remains a crime all the same!