Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Black Spring

Eternal Freedom

They can indeed challenge us
They can indeed disdain us
They can indeed denigrate us
They can even eliminate us
Never they will touch us

They can indeed curse us
They can indeed hate us
They can indeed make dirty us
They can even annihilate us
Never they will erase us

They can indeed offend us
They can indeed provoke us
They can indeed offend us
They can even murder us
Never they will bury us

We were born free
We live in free men
And we shall die in free men


  1. I dedicate this poem for all kabyle men in all over the world,especially for our martyrs who stuggle for our identity,for our lanuage which is Tamazight.One of this marthyr is: Matoub Lounes.
    (Assa,Azekka,Tamazight tella tella!)

  2. NO SARA NO DON't be like that you know exacteiiy who we are?ALL OF US ARE MUSLIMS?AND WE ARE UNIT TILL OUR LIF FINISH MY SISTER.

  3. I think that you're not understand the article my friend.My article is a kind of thanks for our martyrs thats all.I am farther to be a politician even if i wish i were like the elector and courageous man:Said Saadi.Don't think that I'm rascist because i'm not.

  4. HI SARA i like ur direction about freedom i find ur article very interesting i have learnt some words which are new for me.thank u thank u and thank u for your all words about IMAZIGHEN AND THAMAZIRTH did you say "(Assa,Azekka,Tamazight tella tella" sahit a ta3zizt

  5. Hi sara why u said that?We are all Algerians land of a million and half martyrs, we do not create a spirit of hostility and discrimination in our beloved country, then do not think this way,dear friend and finally I wish a speedy recovery to you nchallah.

  6. You said million and half martyrs!Why did you forget martyrs of 20 April?These poor kabylian men are not killed by the enemy as these martyrs that you quoted but by the state!It is shameful!
    Anyway,all this are responses for people who want know why kabyl people dislike this country and dislike Algerian state.Thats why ninty percent want travel abroad.
    Our country pushes us to run away!!