Monday, April 19, 2010

teaching and learning

HI my friends:
you know that sucssessful teaching means having sucsseded in creatig conditions in which learning takes aim to effective teahing means to try to achive conditions,within limitation imposed by the situation in which the teacher find himself,in which effective learning occurs.
Much teaching is carried out by word of mouth,oraly,and the learner learns through listening-aurally teaching can also be conduct through som forms of writing;At times ,both oral and written instruction can usefully be supported visually by pictures and diagrames in books and by drawing or writing on a black board...


  1. Hi my classmates,i hope that you are doing my life i have many questions that i do not find sollution for them.I ask myself first but i do not have the satisfactory reply.So i am going to tell you one among them;when i review my lessens well i do not get good grades and vice versa.Can you ask me?I think it's life based on luck or not? command you to revise well before it's too late.your freind Ahlam.

  2. I don`t think so my adorable friend.Maybe the luck is to have or not a lot of money.This is a kind of luck.
    But saying that studies are based on luck.No!It depends of the level that`s all.
    The only case is when you pass an exam such as BEF or BAC exams,and you are able to succeed.And because of fear you`ll fail.In this case you can say it is kind of luck.
    It was my case during my BEF exam,I was clever but I fail because I was afraid of my dad!Even now I still
    I am major but not independent.
    So,be happy to not live as I live!