Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hello freinds how are you ? hope you are fine , and in a good health too ?

The following text is a story of a very young gentelman who troubled in his life when he loved a girl............ read this story step by step to know more

Love wounded valentine

There was a young gentelman who lived in a small village in Germany . His name was Valentine . He was twenty one years old and a student at one of the greatest universities in Frankford . Even though Valentine was a student of a noble spirit , one day, he fell in love with a beautiful lady called Silvia ,but this Silvia did not love him at all ;however, Valentine showed her much of his love . *What is my fault in this life , have i done something bad to somebody * He asked himself .

On one day ,Valentine wanted to ask Silvia why did she not pay attention to him . :*I love you Silvia ,how much time should i repeat this words to convince you *He said . However , Silvia replied :*Please , Valentine keep yourself far from me and by time you might forget me *. Valentine thought that Silvia was telling him something very difficult to be done . * Yes , i undrstand well what is the life , and now i know what is my fault * He stammered .

Valentine had not forgotten Silvia yet , she was always in his mind , and each time when he lie on his bach on his own bad to sleep , he remembered the girl that had stolen his heart . :* Every second of every minute of every hour of every day i remember your smile , your face , and your eyes * Valentine said * the life is nothing without you .... oh sweet Silvia ???* .

All this passion of love pushed Valentine to do something bad for himself . He decided to leave the university because each time when he met or saw the girl he loved , he felt that he was a wretch person or a person who have never existed before .

Valentine left the university ;however , the picture of Silvia still in his mind as a ghost . but after one month ,Silvia heard that Valentine left the university because of her

At 21:oo in the same day , Silvia sat down to write a letter to Valentine .She wrote some words asking him to appologize her , to come back to study ,and if he needed anything from her , she was there to help him

Valentine was greatly delighted at receiving the favourite letter from Silvia , and while he was reading , he exclaimed :* oh my God , thank you so much , sweet love ,how nice is the world we are living in *.

After all that , Valentine went bach to study and met his sweet Silvia who became as a star accoording to Valentines thought and indeed he kept himself far from her as she said to him by leaving the university , until his secret love be prosoerous


  1. hi aminooooooo how r u fine ???
    so i have read your story carefully , it is about a romantic relation which gathered between Valentine and Silvia . at first silvia didn't love him but at last she became loving him .
    I m sooo sorry if i touch your personal life , but while i was reading your story , it seemed a real tale nearly. Is it your proper story ???? me i think yes .. good work my brother & good luck

  2. hi Amin,i hope you are doing i want you to know that your story make me cry,its best story i have ever read!carry on on this way;i think that you will become a good writer!!!so take care my freid bye.