Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Answer me please!!!

As each night when I want to sleep I ask many questions for myself such:Am I able to be a teacher?Is it the ideal job for me?How can I improve my accent?Shall I travel abroad when I will get my diploma as my parents guess or it is much better to go as a student?...etc.But last night,a simple question came on my mind which is:As the year is over now,what did I learn as new things at college in terms of studies?A simple question but I had no answer!!I know that is the worst that we can heard by freshmen students like me.The only thing that I observed on myself during this year that I use to write in English anytime as I used to do it in Frensh language.It is the only amelioration that I saw on myself.But what about the other modules?Have I gaps that I can't understand when teachers explain the courses?Or teachers have not good method to translate the knowledge?can I say that the first year at college is just a sum up for what we did in secondary school;so,I don't have to worry if my level remain the same!!
Am I weak in English and it is an error when i choose it?What about you my friends,do you think that you acquire knowledge and the problem is me?

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  1. of cours,the year is over,but it stil much to learn .
    I wisch the best for you soso