Friday, June 11, 2010


Congratulation for all the major at Ens in all fields especially for two girls who are studying Frensh language.Through other success my friends.You honored yourselves at first,then your families and without forget your farmer teachers in this language.
For the others even me,hope we will do much better next years.We will get all our diploma at the end but let`s think a little bit for the level.Do you remember my friends when we did strike because we hate some teachers and we thought that they don`t have any level.Myself,I feel much worry if it will arrives for me as a teacher.So,dear students,I think that a teacher can dominate their students by his/her level thats all.I saw that in my parents especially in Ms Salhi.She is so competent and do her job properly that none of us complain when we got bad marks or her way of teaching.
Through this message,I congratulate her because I think she became Chef in English Departement.At least Ms Salhi,you can put some order at Ens.At the beginning when I choose Ens ,I thought that it is much better that university in terms of studies,level,strike.Yeah,i admit that.But the most sorrow phenomena that i saw,is students are invisible there!!Our point of view,our complaning have never taken in consideration either by the administration nor by teachers.I demand you one thing Ms Salhi if you became really chef in English Departement,is all teachers do consultation as you did it because it is a big question mark for these catastrophic marks.I am not talking about myself but about my friends who are afraid to say that.It is our right to see our exam papers.

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