Thursday, June 24, 2010

My holidays

Hi my friends,howsay?how do you spend your holidays?
For me,I feel too much annoy because I still home till now.For the moment,I didn't take my vacation because my parents are working and I am obliged to stay home with my brother whose is 12years old.
During these annoying days,I get up too late.Around ten o'clock.First of all,I take my breakfest.Then,I do some chores such doing beds,washing clothes...etc.At midday,as I stay during the day just with my brother,I prepare something easy to eat such as chips,Spaghetti,mushroom omelet,but many times,I buy something to eat because I am not good at all at cooking.Even,I dislike cooking!After,I go out with my friends to do shopping,sometimes to swimming pool called Olympic just here in Tizi ouzou and many times,we gather together between friends at Hasnaoua or Bastos university.The only time that I adore during these annoying days!Around five o'clock Am I come back home.I drink my coffee and I relax.
During the night,around nine PM,I connect on internet,in United Kingdom chat room that I discover just these days and try to improve much better my english.At the same time,i use the headphone for hours and hours with my friend who speak fluently American english as native speaker.So,I'll do my best to get his pretty good accent.


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  2. What was the comment that you deleted Khedija ?!lol