Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Thank you Ms Salhi for your help with Mr Boukenna.I swear God that you'll never regret it.I am not so good but volontier;so,I promise all my teachers who are grateful for my efforts that I'll do much better next years,and this final mark that I got which is 11/20 is due to my misfortune that's all because i know that I could get more.Even I'll improve for the other teachers who play with the marks and try to botch students that I am a good!I am clever!
Today,I was really shocked when I went to the administration to see my marks and to find that some teachers botched me.So,in my conversation with some workers there about my problem.Indirectly,they made me understand that it is my fault when I fall sick and I have to assume if teachers gave me bad marks and said that I am lucky because normally I'll take the remedial exams and be counted as remedial exams!
At the end,I noticed that at the Ens,it is forbidden to fall sick or to have faintness!I made laugh all the workers there by saying that but it is the reality!So,cher new commer to Ens,you have to be in good health.
Even if none of us is shielter of diseases but that's the law at the ENS.
Frankly,each day passes,I admit that the fest that I was born in this country,it is an error.

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