Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy ramadan

Ramadan:it means fast from sunrise to sunset.It concerns all moslem people.
During this holly month,adult moslem people,don`t eat,don`t drink or have sexual relation from sunrise to sunset.The aim of Ramadan is to teach all moslem people the patience, the modesty and the spirituality.
In this occasion,I wish for all moslem people happy Ramadan.And,for ill people or pregnant women to pay attention for their health.If they can not fast,it doesn`t matter.Their health before anything else.Even for people who are in good health to pay attention because Ramadan is hard than in few years ago especially the heat arrives to 45 degres!!!!
Happy Ramadan moslem.


  1. happy ramadan for all the moslems and don't forget to prey.and, descover all the happiness thinks in this months. take care sara bay.

  2. Thank you my friend.For you too.
    Tell me, did you pass the year?
    Take care and see you soon.