Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Informational report

The goitre

Nowdays,many people suffer from dangerous diseases in all over the world such as Aids,diabet...etc.One of this diseases is : the goitre.
The goitre is connected to local waters sources or food problems even it depends of the region.For example,In algeria,it is kabylia which is touched by this illness than other places.In addition,it is hereditary illness.
This illness has many identified symptomes such as faint,palpitation,shiver especially nerves.There is no miracle cure for it because it is genetic.The only thing that a man can do is to use salt at meal anytime.
In case of a man be touched by this illness,it is recommended to him medical followed because there is risk of cancer.
The goitre is a dangerous illness;so,we mustn`t amuse to take his medecines.Let`s treath before it will be late.


  1. An advice:for any illness you have to look for different minds of doctors.I advice you by experience my friends.
    I treath heart ilness for some years and it appeared that I had the goitre(cancer of thyroide).So,take on consideration my advice my friends.Don`t trust any doctor just for his statut!
    God bless you.
    If there are mistakes in my paragraph(spelling mistakes,sentence structure..etc) let me know plz.

  2. Hi Sara,
    thank you for this information.However, the "goitre" or"goiter" (whatever spelling you like) is not a cancer, it is a malfunction of the thyroid gland.You are right when you write that we should watch this very important organ of the human body because it has a protective role.

    Ms Salhi

  3. Hi again,
    The goitre is not a cancer certainly;but,there is a risk of cancer(Mild,xunning) of tyroide even if this cancer is rare.
    For example,in my case,five years Of suffering of this disease, and the cardiac breath of which doctors are not able to notice.If they noticed that early,they could save me from surgery in two occasions,and medecines forever.
    Well,sometimes it is not money which is a big issue to treath,;but,lack of good doctors as in my case.