Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rami 2009 ( L'Jean taché )

*L'jean taché* : this song made a big sucess last year and included this year.The truth message of this song is indeed the materialism.The singer Mouloud Rami tell us the truth of our society through this song.
Nowdays,almost all people talk only about money and material.For example,when teachers meet between them,they speak about the salary but rare when they talk about the level of students!It is the case for doctors and almost all workers!!Money ,money,and money!!!!!!
Also,both girls and boys who wants to get married,they look for immigrants,ugly or handome,intellegent or dulled,it doesn't matter.Even,no problem with the religion,budhist or moslem,jewish or christian it is the same.The importance is this double nationality.
To understand that people of nowdays function with money but we don`t have to be angry for these peple.It is this country which push them to run away.
So,my friends,if you see a handsome algerian man and educated with an immigrant or a foreign lady with no level don`t be astonished!
So,these ladies worth 13 times better than us!!It is the reality.ha ha ha..
Myself,I don`t blame these people.Maybe they are right by thinking like that to save itself.


  1. hi sister;
    how are you?.....good? so..., i want to say that i really like your smart idea about singers , and what concsred the video , ...
    verry good
    take care in yourself
    saha remdankoum...

  2. Hi Lilia,
    Smart ideas:it is better to say clever thinking.
    Take care of yourself not in yourself(I know that it is just an error when you was taping)

    Thanks darling for your comment.This kind of comment give me an urge to do much better and to write more and more.So,Thank you very much.

    Hope all of you could understand the song because it is in kabyle.There are many frensh words and the video clip which can help you to get the meaning.


  3. Hi sarah i miss you ; i like this video a lot.

  4. Hi Ahlem,
    Nice to hear that you like the video.
    Astonished you are not complaining as the I am just kidding)!
    But,I`d like you comment the content of the video or the paragraph which is talking about materialism.What do you think about people of nowdays in this side?