Monday, January 10, 2011

Algeria scandal

Today Algeria suffers from a layer ignorant whose degree of success is very low and in different life fields .As it is happening in our streets , a dramatic events of a shame in front of the other countries , vandalism arson and riots everywhere .I am with them that the prices are extremely increased but i do not think that it is the suitable way to turn out their hatred unger as there are other peaceful , conscious and advanced ways to express their needs . It is really the actions of ignorant ....and for me i do not have the honor to be Algerian at all.


  1. I beg where Algeria is going!shame on us!The state used to create havoc in the country and poor citizens pay for that!

  2. Let me tell you that what these people did was right but the way was wrong. They shoudn't break and burn people's properties, however prices of sugger and oil for instence, shouldn't increase just like that. what we can say that these people were not organized, and they didn't have the same goal.