Wednesday, January 26, 2011

City life

Some people prefer the country to the big cities . As for me i am disagree ; city life has got to be the most exciting places to live ,and there are many reasons lead me to say this ,so that big cities certainly has its advantages .
First of all , living in the city bring to everybody a lot of chances to live the best life .In addition , there are a number of entertaing places such as sports , cultural and educational centers .Moreover, cities are more popular where we find a lot of houses and shops ,and hearing the hustle and the bustle going on out side my house gives me the singn that i am not alone in this world .One major advantage is the convenience of transportation.
Secondly ,in cities life is too fast so that we can save our time more.The technological medeas can make our life able to rich easy by relying on internet to do several things in our daily life such as we do in shoping or in studying and in doing everything we want.
Finally , more and more people want to live in cities because find good economic conditions . They see that nothing more than ready-made food , For instance ; everybody is seeking for the fast way to gain time even in eating especially those who are working for long time they benifit from buying junk food when they are in a rush .Moreover ,there are great chances to work ,so people find jobs easily so that can make their life reaches stability and settlement .
To sum things up , city life has many good things to offer, as we see that there is nothing like living in the city.(first draft).

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