Sunday, January 16, 2011

My family portrait

Home is a place of settelement peace and integrety .I live in home where i find all i desire among small very kind and linked family whose members have completly enough competence to be more comprehensive happy and enjoyable family.In spite of us we must obey my nervous but kind father , and help my beautiful cmplaisant mother as we have to bear our young naughty brother behaviours.
In view of my father is very nervous we have to estimate this.When he was watching his favorite match we make a lot of noise then he comes and turn out his unger because his best team fails , we feel afraid and keep silent at that moment as he always addresses my yong brother in particular but after when he becomes calm starts to laughing and playing with us .
Can not be overstated if i say that my mother is the most beautiful tender and helpful women .She is of average height and an ideal ideal weight , she has a round face with flawless complection like a baby her eyes are too remarkable black and nice , she has got a straight small nose , her red lips and white teeth make her a pretty smile .She is always helping us in our study as doing exercices and teaches us a lots of things when we got ill she stays with awake and she even cries because she can not bear to see us weak.
Concerning my young brother who is naughty boy and makes a lot of problems and riots at home and even at school .He is funny but smart because he is always from the best at school as he always hits our neighbours children but he does not mean no harm by it .
In sum , home is the only place where we relax and feel better .

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