Sunday, January 9, 2011


you know that Picasso died but he still in life in our heart
so ALEXANDRA NECHITA is 13 and she is called the new Picasso ;she paint larg pictures in cubist style and sells them for btween 10.000 and 80.000 dolars
She was born in romania but now she lives in LOS ANGELOS with her family.she could paint verry well when she was only 4 but her parents couldn't understand her pictures.
ALEXANDRA ays "I paint how I feel,sometimes I' m happy and sometimes sad .I can' stop painting .every day after school she does her homework,plays with her little brother then paints fo 2 or 3 hours until bed time
ALEXANDRA doesn't spent her money, she saves it,we were very poor when we were first in america. we couldn't buy many things but now I can buy a big house for my family and we can travel the world.last year we were in London,paris,and Rome itwasfantastic.

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  1. Thank's for this information that you bring us.
    Well,in the last paragraph,you reported Alexandra's speech;so,you have to put it between quotation by using the first singuler pronoun(I).For example:Alexandra said:*we were very poor...*or by usiing indirect speech.For instance:Alexandra said that they...without quotation.