Sunday, February 20, 2011

Castles in Tudor time "in the middle ages"

Social life in Tudor times during the medieval era of the middle age became more ordered organized and well arranged included a lots of remarkable , positive and advanced changes in different fields such as trade , education and government .Especialy the social field so they worked hard in order to emprove their dwelings as much as they could as a result their skillfully made did not go in vain but it remained as an immortal remembrance which by gold painted in the human history records .Castles were among their great deeds therefore skillful builders were the first responsible to motivate this movement and behind there were causes we can analys it when they did start their works by focusing on the various steps which proceeded gradualy to advance.
First of all , Normans were responsible for this development of the great stone English castles during the medieval period so that they were elaborating building castles which contained huge strong walls adorned with tinsel and wonderful tracings as they put out causeways near the gate also they were putting jails inside.
Secondly,the history of English castles started long before the medieval period of the middle age .Moreover ; castles can be defined as "a safe retreat" against intrusions or invasions .The history of castles therfore can be date back to time when people started to live in settled communities in the stone age although we generally recognize English castles as being built of stone during the middle ages .
Thirdly , the history of English castles can therefore be viewed as starting as various steps ; the stone age (3000-1800bc)it was known as causeways camps and stone henge .The folowed one , the bronze age between (1800-60bc)was famous in building hillforts .Iron age and romans in (600-400bc)when the romans , saxons and Alfred the great fortified towns called "Burghs"then "Boroughs"and feudalism to medieval era of M.A .
To conclude , studying about civilization with such wealth and opulence gives us a free gifts in view of its importance and let us pay in order to know its details as we did not need anybody to tell us that it will fetch us that some good luck if we visit their ruins inthe future and why not?.

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