Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine`s Day

Saint valentine`s day is an annual commemoration of love and affection between intimate companions.The day is named after one or more early Christian martyrs, Saint Valentine, and was established by Pope Gelasius.It held on 14,february of each year.
It is a feast which is celebrated by christian people but this celebration became universal.It is celebrated even in moslem countries.Each couple has his own way to celebrate this day.Some couples prefer quiet places to spend it together while some others prefer to have some drinks or go for a movie.
For this year,2011,I wish happy valentine`s day for all lovers and especially for my sweetheart who I miss so much.Two years missed for spending the 14,february together due to the distance but I am sure that living under the same roof is not going to be missed!!And in that day,each day of our lifes is going to be valentine`s day.


  1. I did not believe in such stupid things...............

  2. I respect your point of view.It still yours.Myself,I beleive and celebrate it each year since I am a couple.