Friday, February 18, 2011


The power sent 30 000 policemen to prevent the Algerians from demonstrating peacefully on the 12,february,2011.And, nevertheless, the demonstration took place and it will took place each saturday starting by tomorrow.So,dear Algerians,go ahead and demonstate for freedom,democracy,and secularity.How do you want there will be changes in this country if just one party in algeria(kabylia) demonstarte and risk their lifes?


  1. thanks Sarah
    me I'm with you in democracy and freedom
    but I'm against in secularity
    because Algeria is Muslim country.

  2. At least,you,you're ok with the demonstration.
    Concerning,secularity or secularism,even Algeria is moslem country the are people who are not moslems.We should respect them.
    As during Ramadhan last year,policemen arrested non-fasting people and they were condemned for three years of imprisonment.why did they do that?Why shall we let others countries laugh on us behind this stupid phenomena?!

  3. OK Sarah but this phenomena which you spoke about it, it doesn't allow to change the constitution of Algeria because the most of Algerian people are Muslim .
    but I'm with you if you mean that Algeria should respect non Muslim people.
    So don't forget Sarah,this phenomena doesn't never lead government to change its constitution
    and you should learn more about secularity.

  4. We are manipulated by the state and if just hand in hand and we support Dr Said Saadi who is president of rassembly of culture and democracy we`ll win this competition and believe me many things will be changed in this country.Well,what I spoke about it is just a simple example to tell you why I am with secularity.Since these people disturb nobody,let them live their lifes.
    The only thing for what I should insist,be numerious for the demonstration.Support Dr Said Saadi.

  5. dear sarah i am with u....democracy and freedom are a thing in which we must refresh our minds but secularity shoud adopted and cared from our wrong thoughts otherwise people will eat each others by doing sin things.

  6. I respect your point of view ahelm.but myself,as I said I am with secularity and hope that the majority are with me.