Saturday, February 19, 2011


The word 'Freedom' has several meanings hidden inside it. We find two types of freedom: individual freedom and national freedom.By national freedom we understand that a nation is free from foreign domination and interference of anyone outside the country.A free nation can progress easily according to its own ideologies and religious beliefs.No one can restrict it from making new discoveries of science and technology or can check its people to act in accordance with their personal beliefs and thinking.

However, our main point of discussion is individual freedom.We observe many misconceptions about the meaning of individual freedom. By individual freedom we take the meaning of the absence of every restraint or discipline and having a right to do what one wills or in accordance with the desires of one's heart . Some people think that freedom should be brought to an end when a person causes harm to others but there should be no check on his personal activities. He is free to do anything for himself which is not up to the mark with the moral standards of religion and society.

But my view is a bit different in this matter.I think that individual freedom means that a person has a right to do what is fair and good. Freedom does not mean that a person can do any act on his part which is immoral and he can make his character good or bad according to his own will. Rather he should be subject to the moral principles, cultural norms and religious beliefs. Freedom means that no one can check you from doing good deeds; no one can restrict your kind and gentle attitude towards others; no one can check you from considering the people of all religions and sects equal to each other and treating them equally and judiciously. We should do everything right and proper and the State should help us in this matter. But if we do something wrong and in case of doing anything which may cause shame to our nation, our family and our country, the government should have the right to stop us by some way or the other from committing it.For instance, if a husband beats his wife,he can have his justification in the point that no one can stop him from this action until and unless his wife has an objection to it.In his view, it is his personal affair and the government has no right to come between the husband and the wife.But in my opinion,he must be brought to account by the people in authority for such an act for this is against human values.Here his freedom ends because the freedom of another person begins.It's another story that he or she does not realize his or her rights or wants to sacrifice them for sake of love or responsibility but the government must not forget its duty towards his subjects,i.e.,to protect their rights in every possibe manner. I am not saying that State should always keep on peeping through the doors of its citizens to see if they are doing some bad deed personally but it should first train its citizens not to do anything immoral in personal or in national life and then if a person still insists on doing the same then State should check him with the help of law.


  1. Just to tell you that our state is really not the best placed to give a good example to the country.For individual freedom which you are talking about,once ouyahia and the other poison will leave the govermment,we`ll know what is freedom that Algerians are thirst for.Because now,we still manipulate by them.

  2. but i ve talked about freedom in general that is to say it is the thing we are seeking for and hope state and people in our country get this very well.