Saturday, June 4, 2011


Wikileaks: is a website which reason is to reveal confidential documents.
This website was created in December,2006,by someengaged persons whose founder is Julian Assange.Wikileas reveals in an anonymous and secured manner documents of witness social and political reality so that to assure a global transparency.

Several countries touched by the revelation of Wikileaks try to sue against this website and destroy it at any costs.Altough these temptations against the founder of wikileaks, Julian Assange found supports all over the world who considers him as a hero and not a spy.

Wikileaks deserves to be protected and not threatened because it has revealed only the truth that our politicians hide us.As the Frensh proverb says: *Dans la course qui oppose le secret et la vérité,il semble inévitable que la vérité gagnera toujours*

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