Sunday, August 7, 2011

dear son

Dear Son,
When you will see that I became very old,try to be patient especially understandable.
Listen my son,when you was young,you wanted for me to tell you the same story till you sleep deeply.
By seeing my ignorance for the development of technology,do not make a fool of me.Give me some time to assimilate and understand instead of laughing in my face.
I learnt you many things my sweet to dress,how to eat to remain healthy,how to face your daily problems..etc
If I will get troube memory or I could not follow any conversation,Please,don`t be nervous and arrogant because the most important for me is to be with you and speak to you.
If I refuse to eat,do not oblige me.I know very well when I am hungry and when I am not.
When my poor legs do not allow me any more to move as before,tighten me your arm as I held your small hands to learn you to make your first steps.
You should know my son that at my age,we do not live but we survive.One day,you will understand that altough my errors,I wanted for you only the best and prepared you when you will become a man my son.
You do not have to feel sad or incompetent in front of my old age and of my state.You have to stay near me and try to understand what`s the hell is.I want you to do your best as I did during your birth.
Dear Son,
Help me to walk,to end my life wit love and patience.The only way I can thank you for it,is a smile and lot of love.


  1. Well,it is a small passage in frensh lge that I acrossed in facebook.It is so emotinal that i decided to translate it by my own in english.
    Go through facebook,it is much better to read it in frensh.

  2. great words .... i really like this are always distinct as usual Sara! ... i like all your subjects .....