Tuesday, August 16, 2011

IDIR et sa fille Thanina -Lettre à ma fille / Thavratt i yelli - Yiḍir T...

Please watch this video of the great singer Idir who opened his heart to his daughter Thanina in this song:"Lettre à ma fille / Thavratt i yelli - Y"which means in english "Letter to my daughter".In this song full of emotion,Idir revealed his feelings to his daughter,and let her know that for us forbidden are numerious.And,although he is severe with her,he loves her and wants only her best.
Altough these sweety words that cheered me up and cheered up all Idir`s fan,still other jealous who complain why he sung in frensh and said to him through comments on youtube,dailymotion..etc "even if you love frensh people,they dont love you at all..."patati patata...and complaints dont stop.But dear jealous,permit me to tell you that Idir is the best singer that algeria knew.AndI think if he sung in frensh just to transmit the message for all people.Arabs they are or Europeans.


  1. you have translate the lyrics of the music cool sara

  2. not at all!!I just talked about the great singer Idir not more and gave a clue idea to the readers to attract them to listen to this song!
    well,I thank you for joing us to this class blog.