Saturday, July 3, 2010

Good news

Hello my friends,How its going?
I don`t know if you will like these news or not because it has relation with studies but I will lose nothing if I tell you.
Well,before I went home definitely for holidays,I made photocopies for modules that I found annoying and not easy to understand to prepare the 2nd year during this holidays.These modules are: civilisation,linguistic,and arabic modules.So,my friends,if you want prepare yourselves for the 2nd year,I am here for your help by sending you the lessons via e-mail.So,for each one who is interested let me your e-mail adresses below and I will do it.
For writing and grammar modules I`d be grateful Ms salhi if you read this paragraph to give me just the annual programm of the 2nd year about the both modules and myself I will find many ressources to prepare the 2nd year during the whole vacation.
My strong dream is to get the american accent but how? I remember Ms Salhi when you said that the accent is not so important like writing.And you said that the most important thing is to speak English clearly.Yeah I admit that.But the matter is although I speak clearly without mistakes,I can`t understand the american when they speak.I swear God that when I watch American movies ,I feel much annoy because I have difficulties to understand them.How can I get this pretty good accent?As I see myself superior in some things,I wanna see that in my level,my intellectual level,in my favorite language which I wanna learn at any price.
My friends,even you,if you have suggestions about that just write it as a comment.If there is private school which focus in the oral conversation and you think it is good ,tell me.I was at e-comode school but it is not serious at all.They interest just for money that`s all.Even I was at Royale school,I enriched my vocabulary but it is not what I need!!Because for the vocabulary,we have to read books,the only solution.
I missed invitations to UK many times by my relatives due to my complex about English and my accent and it makes me nervous.I am going bananas if I cannot fulfill this dream!


  1. Hi Sara i'm your friend khadidja i am interested for the modules that you have found it please send me in my e- mail (

  2. I will do it soon cuz now am at the beach for some days.But promise,I`ll do it.Take care.

  3. Hi Sara,

    I am glad to see you are carrying on writing on the classblog.Be sure that I read everything you and your classmates write.
    I will provide you with some interesting sites to improve your language skills in a near future.

    Big hug

  4. Hi Khedidja,
    I sent you linguistic handouts via e-mail;so,check your e-mail.For the other modules especially civilisation,I'll do it soon.
    I am not at home these days that's why I sent it to you late.I am sorry.

    Thank's a lot for your attention Ms Salhi.

    Big kiss

  5. hi sara
    I don't recieved anything sarah in my e-mail

  6. You`ll find it as an attach.Check again!I am sure that you received it.
    Well,I let you my number phone on facebook.When you connect on msn,just send me a message,I`ll try to be online and send it to you directly.
    Click on this website:
    It is amazing!you`ll gonna be better in English.In terms of vocabulary and accent.xxxx