Wednesday, September 29, 2010

good new!

Hello My friends,I have heard by some student that they made a new timetable at the Ens,We`ll study either in the morning,or in the afternoon.We`ll not have courses in the whole day as the habit.So,next years,we can say that it is the totale rest if they`ll really apply it.On one hand,,it is good.At least,I`ll be less stressfull and feel slight.But,on the other hand,this timetable is such a failure for all of us.Myself,I can not master language such as English in this case because ones I am out of the Ens,I use to speak in kabyl,arabic,or frensh but rarely or I can say never in English.Unfortunately,I am not alone,there are many students like me.
I am shared on two:the urge to study just in the mornings or in the afternoons to come back home anytime and have much free time to do whatever I want.For instance,surfing in the web,have a promenade,a dring between friends..etc.And the urge to spend too much time at the Ens because it is the only place where I use to talk in English and try to improve my accent.

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