Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hi my friends

Hello my friends,how are you doing?Hope you are Ok and in a perfect health.What have you been up to?
Please,could you tell me when will we do the registration at the ENS? As you know,we will retake our studies very soon.
Myself,in one side,I can't be bothered to retake studies because I get used to being such a couch potato.No worries during the whole vacation like studies and exams especially the stress.But in another side,I am happy thay years are going fast and very soon I will integrate in my professional life even if I need too much efforts to improve my English.And why not,if i'll be OK in English,I'll study other lges such as german or spanish as my farmer teacher did.
How is it good to see I am growing so fast!
Andyou my friends,how do you feel ?


  1. peace upon you sara
    myself i feel a little bit worry about the coming years . do you know why ? it was only an easy year past and we did not do well
    and the problem is how will we profit in this coming years with modest english and even a poor verbal skills
    hope we will be better then the previos year
    good bye

  2. When there is a will,there is a way my friend.
    Myself,I ignore many modules such as civilisation which i dislike too much,both arabic modules..etc and I still don`t know how to deal with it in the coming years because I am lost.However,I really improved my writing skills,a bit my pronunciation and it is the only important things for me.In addition,I don`t give a great deal of importance for marks to djudge my level.For example,10/20 in writing module with Ms Salhi equal 14/20 with another teacher.So,if you djudge yourself by what you got as marks,you are wrong.